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Nothing "gives"....It's a simple matter of the number of eyes looking at any one auction at any one time. eBay is so huge, it's almost impossible to look at all the potential listings.

I had the exact same situation a few years ago, listing a Collins Mechanical filter which, at the time, normally sold for about $250. My opening bid was $175 with no reserve. I listed it for three consecutive weeks with zero bids. However, on the forth week, the bid went over $400 !

Charlie k3ICH

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I have been looking for either an SM-2 or Sm-3. Saw a nice one on thet E--- auction site started at $279 and not one bid made. Week later... the same seller, same picture starting at $170 and it sold for $360. What gives??? I will go to Dayton and hope to find a nice one there.
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