{Collins} Dance card spaces

Hello all,
     The dance cards are done. They will be available at the CCA booth inside Hara and I will have them at the banquet on Friday night.

     Here's the list:

    Call(s)                    Space(s)                                  Goodies

    K0AL                      2404-5

    W8RO                    Hara inside                             Hi Res videos

    K3ICH                    2589                                       Knob inserts

    K0BS                     2965

    K0DAS/W0IY        2405                                        516F-2 SB-1 kits

    W8ZO                   2746-49

    N9HXW/ K9KEU  1748                                         P/U items

   W0KWM/KA0HIB  1329-32

   N4JL                      3113-15

   K9JTS                    2601

   W0HRO                 1911

   WB0SND               1912

   N3LLL                    2717

   WA3CEX               2146

   K8DE/NJ2R           2257-58             S-Line pieces

   PY1YB                  Next to HRO inside   KWM-380/32S-3

   I hope everyone has a good trip out; see you there!

   Vy 73,

   Rich WB3JLK

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