This equipment is all round emblem series, all purchased new except the 312B-4 by a now silent key.  In my judgment, using the accepted CCA standards for grading, falls between “MINT AND EXCELLENT CONDITION” EXCEPT THE 312B-4. The only reason I did not put an EXCELLENT CONDITION rating is a very slight yellowing of the rims of some items.  This can of course be removed if desired using a procedure listed in the Collins Archives.  The equipment has seen limited use and has been covered when not in use as well as being in a non-smoker environment.  The set includes a 75S-3C (200 & 500 cycle,2.1 & 3,1  filters and some spare tubes), 312B-3 speaker (receiver purchaser has first refusal), 32S-3 (some spare tubes), 516F-2 Power supply (Tubsters, spare tubes housed in its own cabinet), 312B-4 (speaker included), 30L-1 (spare 811’s, Young Kim power supply upgrade new not installed as not yet ready) & original manuals for all.

Everything is located in the Seattle area.  I am not anxious to ship unless a last resort.  I can bring everything to the Seaside, Oregon Convention if desired.

To avoid bandwidth send me an e-mail normray@xxxxxxxxxxx and I can send a detailed description with prices and pictures.

Being a Collins collector myself I doubt you will find a cleaner unit in this great condition. 

Norm W7LFA

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