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Actually, an IF DSP, given that the demodulators are implemented in software, meets the definition of an SDR.  See

It is only recently that, for certain applications, downconversion and upconversion have been implemented in the sampling process to allow an almost all software-defined radio.  High power output and low noise high dynamic range input are still a challenge for all digital techniques.

Only my opinion, of course….



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David,  I think you are confusing SDR (Software Defined Radio) with DSP
(Digital Signal Processing).
No way will you ever make a 75S-3, or any of its potential outputs, into a
SDR radio.

You can, though, use that pan adaptor I.F. output as input into some kind of
DSP processor and there are many available for both IF and AF level
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I would like to try SDR  with my 75S-3.  How would I go about a "starter"
set to see what it is like?  I have the 455 KHz output now for my Heath


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