{Collins} KWS-1 gear train lubrication

Recently there have been postings on the reflector concerning stiffness in
the Tuning and Loading controls of the KWS-1.  Bill opined that this can be
due to hardened old grease in the gear chain. I would like to re-lubricate
the gears in my unit.   The only info that I have is the picture of the gear
train in my KWS-1 manual (it's on the CCA site as well) showing the gear
train in a photo of the entire PA unit removed from the rig.  Removing the
PA requires a very complex mechanical and electrical disassembly that I
don't want to attempt.  Does anyone have a procedure for doing the
lubrication without the necessity to completely remove the PA from the rig?
If so, I would appreciate receiving it and it might be welcomed in the CCA








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