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Hi all. I was just given an old 51S-1 from a person I did some radio work for. It is not in working condition. In the radio was an Army Depot repair order that was half finished. Some parts had already been replaced, but others were ordered. Of the parts ordered by the depot, but not received / installed include two filters the 526-9415-000 and 526-9414-000 and the following mechanical tuning drive parts:

Clamp - Dial, Fig 6-7-4, 547-2556-002 (Possibly part MP 52 or 55)
Arm - Lock, Fig 6-3-425, 757-8614-001 (Possibly part MP 61)
Bushing - Pivot, Fig 6-3-426, 757-8613-001 (Possibly part MP 59)
Spring - Dial Lock, Fig 6-3-427, 757-8610-001 (Possibly part MP 60)

My questions are as follows:

Electrically, I have a 526-9415-000 filter coming, but if anyone has a 526-9414-000 filter for sale, I'm interested.

On the mechanical side I have more questions:

The rig does not currently have a dial lock lever installed. Is it possible the repair depot was just upgrading the unit? or did all 51S-1s have a dial lock to start with and it has broken off or already taken off by the Depot? When I try to tune the radio, the frequency display changes, including the dial and mechanical digital display, but the VFO and racks DO NOT move. When I try to move the VFO with my finger, I can get the shaft to move along with the racks, but it is quite tight.
From the exterior I see nothing missing or loose.
My manual does not have the above listed figures. Does anyone have a digital copy of the Army depot service manual that I could buy or get copies of, of the associated figures and maintenance instructions? Can anyone tell me how to disassemble the tuning assembly to figure out what is is wrong? I don't want to just play with adjustments without knowing what trouble I'm going to get myself in. Lastly does anyone have the above listed mechanical pieces available for sale from their old parts rig?

Thanks all for reading this. Any help would be appreciated. I will send this out again after Dayton in case some miss it. I won't be at Dayton, but if anyone sees these parts for sale, contact me at (402) 689-4812 and maybe I can make it worth your while to purchase them and send them on to me.

Jim Tills  CCA Member   W7JWT

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