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Just a correction.  My Booth NR is. 0027. Alex loop

Ivan PY1YB
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De: "Ivan Silva" <ivan@xxxxxxxxx>
Data: 14/05/2015 02:14
Assunto: {Collins} Dayton
Para: <collins@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

I'm going to Dayton with a good HF380 and Turner CU380 and 32S3

The 380 has service manual. Key pad and mic memory

Asking. US 3,500 for the 380
1000 for the tuner and 600 for the 32S3

Who takes de 380 and the Turner by 4500 win the 32S3

Will be at Booth 0017 main bilding beside the HRO. And fairborn holiday inn
room 506

Ivan PY1YB
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