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The article that you are thinking of is in the Q2 2005 Signal and was by Rod
Blocksome of Rockwell Collins.
You can find it on the website at:
Regarding your question about the index,

First, there are several new features of the website that are just coming up
- or soon to be released.
We have attempted to go back and find all of the maintenance articles and
index them by equipment vs. Linked location with a clickable link.
    This is called the "RX for your Collins" section and is an extension of
the RX for your PTO work that was done last year.  Now, as much equipment as
possible will be listed and linked to the article, pdf page, or Signal issue
in which it appeared.  That will make your lives a lot easier. 

A search of "watt meter Calibration" in our search window would have turned
that up, even though not completely visible yet.  Then scrolling down to the
S-Line area of the list, you would find a listing for the 302C-3 and
312B-4/5 Calibration and a link to the article.  We are very close to
generally releasing this feature in the near future. In fact, Scott is
announcing it at the Collins dinner tonight in Dayton  - and probably as I
write this. This feature attempts to list all of the maintenance and
restoration sources on our website by equipment type.

Finally, we have found some volunteer resources that are finishing the job
of going through every Signal ever produced (Big Job) and making an index of
the Article, Author, Equipment discussed if applicable and finally putting a
string of key search words in the reference.  This will strengthen our
search engine and also make a direct index available.  The first level
indexing is almost finished. It should be up in the near future.  The second
level of data per article and key search words will take a little longer.
As you can imagine, this is not a trivial task and we owe a debt of
gratitude to those who have been working on OCRing the previous
non-character enabled pdfs and to the folks doing the indexing who will be
thanked copiously when they choose to go public.

Both the RX section and the total Signal Index and OCR work have taken folks
a huge amount of work and time and we hope you enjoy the results..  You
asked a very timely question Dick. Thanks for the lead-in.

Your simple answer clicked above.  :-)


Bill Carns, N7OTQ (Trustee K0CXX)
Past President, Collins Collectors Association
Founding Board, Collins Radio Heritage Group
Editor, Signal Magazine
Wimberley, TX
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I seem to recall there was an article in Signal about calibrating the 312B
Anyone recall which issue ?

And while on the subject of the Signal Magazine, is there a cumulative index
that is searchable ?

Tnx, Dick, W1KSZ
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