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Bill, that is going to be a significant benefit to the group, another of those behind the scene activities that this organization does.  A big thanks to those that have put in the time and effort.

Dave  K5MWR

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> On May 15, 2015, at 17:10, Bill Carns <wcarns@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> The article that you are thinking of is in the Q2 2005 Signal and was by Rod
> Blocksome of Rockwell Collins.
> You can find it on the website at:
> Regarding your question about the index,
> First, there are several new features of the website that are just coming up
> - or soon to be released.
> We have attempted to go back and find all of the maintenance articles and
> index them by equipment vs. Linked location with a clickable link.
>    This is called the "RX for your Collins" section and is an extension of
> the RX for your PTO work that was done last year.  Now, as much equipment as
> possible will be listed and linked to the article, pdf page, or Signal issue
> in which it appeared.  That will make your lives a lot easier. 
> A search of "watt meter Calibration" in our search window would have turned
> that up, even though not completely visible yet.  Then scrolling down to the
> S-Line area of the list, you would find a listing for the 302C-3 and
> 312B-4/5 Calibration and a link to the article.  We are very close to
> generally releasing this feature in the near future. In fact, Scott is
> announcing it at the Collins dinner tonight in Dayton  - and probably as I
> write this. This feature attempts to list all of the maintenance and
> restoration sources on our website by equipment type.
> Finally, we have found some volunteer resources that are finishing the job
> of going through every Signal ever produced (Big Job) and making an index of
> the Article, Author, Equipment discussed if applicable and finally putting a
> string of key search words in the reference.  This will strengthen our
> search engine and also make a direct index available.  The first level
> indexing is almost finished. It should be up in the near future.  The second
> level of data per article and key search words will take a little longer.
> As you can imagine, this is not a trivial task and we owe a debt of
> gratitude to those who have been working on OCRing the previous
> non-character enabled pdfs and to the folks doing the indexing who will be
> thanked copiously when they choose to go public.
> Both the RX section and the total Signal Index and OCR work have taken folks
> a huge amount of work and time and we hope you enjoy the results..  You
> asked a very timely question Dick. Thanks for the lead-in.
> Your simple answer clicked above.  :-)
> Bill
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> I seem to recall there was an article in Signal about calibrating the 312B
> Wattmeter.
> Anyone recall which issue ?
> And while on the subject of the Signal Magazine, is there a cumulative index
> that is searchable ?
> Tnx, Dick, W1KSZ
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