{Collins} Patch problems

Good Day to the group,


I am looking for some help on running a patch via the 312B-4.


At present I run a relay for the Antique Wireless Ass here in South Africa.

We relay from 40m to 20m and then back from 20m to 40m.


At present I use a KWM2-A to relay from 40 to 20m using a 312B-5.

This relay works perfectly. When the 312B-5 is placed in the Patch position,
it isolates the microphone, a D104 and only the audio of the incoming signal
is heard out on 20m.

The problem comes in when I relay from 20m back to 40m, using a S line with
the 312B-4, that when placed in the patch position, the microphone, a Shure
444, the mic stays live.


Both patches are connected up in the same ways between the two rigs, but I
cannot get the mic on the S line to mute.


Is there a difference between the S line connections to the 312B-4 and the
KWM2-A, or could there be a problem with the S line ?


Some information would be appreciated.


I can be contacted off the reflector for any further info.


Best 73



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