{Collins} tapping ferro resonant transformer output at 115 volts for s line

With the thought in mind of tapping the output of a ferro resonant transformer to obtain 115 volts for S line and A line etc. and provide some voltage regulation  

Has anyone tried to make a tap on the ferro resonant transformer output at 115 volts? - is the output winding physically available?  Some transformers have the secondary winding positioned so as to be available for such a project - peel back the fish paper and lo there is the winding ready to be tapped. 

Ben Franklin had a thought something about fools and the only way I learn, oooorrr, the only way they learn is by experience, so thought I could advise my friend before he destroys yet another transformer.  

so there 

best and cheers,   
Richard M. Lorenzen   cca member   

also, please reply directly to me and avoid tormenting the list with this.
Later if the info warrants it, one post could be made to the list with any encouraging information.  

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