Re: {Collins} Collins Directional Coupler; More News

I just spent a little time Googling for a small square drive tool, and
turned up nothing. A couple of questions...

> I was going to tweak the null on the two piston trimmers and noticed they
> have a square head ?????...
>   What do you use to tweak these things ? Probably some unobtanium tool.

Is it really a four-sided square head, or it is just two parallel flats on
a threaded rod? (All the ones in my piston trimmer drawer are the latter.)

Regardless, what is the dimension?

>  a) use a small needle nose pliers and be careful
>  b) make a tool.  Drill into a rod of some sort (perhaps brass) and get
> out your tiniest needle fie and make the hole square.

Good advice.

73, Mike

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