{Collins} Dayton 2015

Hi Gang.

Since I haven’t seen much about Dayton 2015 I thought I would pass along my observations.The weather was ok over all.Nothing seasoned Dayton attendees could not handle.There were a couple of short heavy down pours and some drizzly periods with a fair amount of wind.Friday appeared to be the most productive day for attendance and sales.In speaking with some of the vendors business was much slower on Saturday.There were again many open spaces in the flea market.I did see quite a bit of Collins gear mostly S-Line but there were several St. James Gray boxes there including a really beautiful late serial number 75A-4 and the coveted 312A-2 console.

The Collins booth was quite active again.We had several membership renewals and many hats, shirts, and Signal magazines went home with some happy attendees.Once again the highlight of the event was the chance to meet and have an eyeball with many of our friends sometimes for the first time.For the most part there was a constant stream of activity.

In a word, the Banquet was great!Jim Stitzinger, Scott Kerr, and Rod Blocksome did a great job of telling us about the “behind the scenes” story of retrieving the VOA transmitter.The many hurdles encountered and the months of preparation were indeed monumental.When the approval was finally received the celebration was short-lived because it was followed by “Oh, by the way, you have two weeks to get it out of here!”To help put this into perspective imagine a transmitter so large that an entire room is dedicated to the power supply.Another room for the finals which use a chain hoist on an I-Beam to extract.65lb water cooled blocking caps in the finals.Electric motors on the water cooled tuning capacitors which are rated in HP!And the Goliath steerable antenna system…what a masterpiece of engineering and to think this was all designed with a slide rule.

The banquet facility was ok.The room was a little cramped and personally I like large round tables which make it easier for more to join in conversation.The wait staff was a stitch!Although the facility really didn’t lend itself for delivering a presentation like the VOA story, the food really made up for it.A wider choice and it was good.No rubber chicken and peas here!

The new hotel is indeed an improvement.I made the effort to ask as many people as I could how they felt about the new location.The reaction can be summed up as much cleaner, a better breakfast bar offering which was complementary, better neighborhood, close tomany restaurants, and easy to get from there to the Arena.The staff is on the ball and very helpful.The only downside is no shuttle but that can be handled by getting together with the guys that drove.I did pass along the hotel sales manager’s contact information to Scott who will be working on setting up something for next year.

All-in-all your CCA gang put together a great event.As a former CCA Dayton chairman I can tell you this is no easy task.Every year is a learning experience but Scott and Jim were pretty much ahead of the curve on this one.Don’t miss next year.It will be even better.


Tony – W9JXN

Have a great Memorial Day weekend and remember those that gave and are giving their lives so that we can do things like this.

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