{Collins} Servicing aids info - DeOxit on sale

Collins fans,

Upon going thru some recent sales flyers, I noticed that MCM Electronics, in Ohio, is having a sale on Caig Laboratory products.  Caig is the maker of DeOxit, the popular (and excellent) contact cleaner often recommended here in various postings.  The sale is listed in their "Grand Slam Savings" flyer with expiration of July 19th, 2015.  Important: the Source Code is A50513.

The 5 oz. can of D5 is shown as priced at $8.99.  Many other Caig products are also on sale.  That price is several dollars below what I have to pay in the local area.  I have no connection with MCM, other than as a satisfied customer for many years.

73, Dale
CCA Member 

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