{Collins} FS - Adjustable autotransformers for servicing or operating eqpt at reduced line voltage

Collins fans,

As noted in recent postings, there are various ways to reduce the applied line voltage to your Collins and other vintage gear.  There also remains a need to have an adjustable AC voltage source for servicing or troubleshooting requirements.  I am listing two (2) adjustable (variable)  autotransformers for sale.  The brief details are:

BOTH are USED, in very good physical and electrical condition.  Both are UNCASED (supply your own housing), but mount to a panel or enclosure via front mounting hardware (not included).  Both include the large control knob, but neither unit has the metal calibration plate that typically shows percentage of output voltage.  You can either make your own, find one at a hamfest or on-line, or simply mark your housing.  Both units have been checked for proper operation and run-tested with a 100 watt lamp load.  The track upon which the wiper rides to adjust the output voltage has been wiped down with DeOxit to remove most of the accumulated carbon (graphite) residue from prior usage.  Both units are specified for 120 VAC input and can be wired for either 0 to 120 volt or 0 to 140 volt output.  (I will supply details to the buyers.)  

Unit #1:  Staco Energy Products (Dayton, OH) Type 501, rated 5 amps, and 0.6 kVA @ 120 volts or 0.7 kVA @ 140 volts.  Price: $52.50 shipped

Unit #2:  Superior Electric (Bristol, CT) Powerstat, Type 116BU, rated 10 amps, and 1.2 kVA @ 120 volts or 1.4 kVA @ 140 volts.  Price: $72.50 shipped

Photos and more specs/details upon off-list request.  US sales only, shipment via USPS Priority Flat Rate Medium Box, due to weight.  Payment via check or MO preferred, or add 3% for Paypal to offset fees.

In case you were wondering: yes, these are electrically equivalent to similar rated Variacs, but that is a trade name used by General Radio.  Since neither of these units were made by GR, the generic "adjustable autotransformer" mouthful is appropriate.

73, Dale
CCA Member         

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