{Collins} I Met Art's Family Babysitter Whose Dad was a Commercial Photographer at Collins Radio :)

I don't think I've mentioned this before but I met the babysitter to Art Collins family and her Dad was a photographer at Collins.   Surely I jest you say.. hi hi    While nowhere as interesting as Bill Carns voice recording of Art Collins, I'll share the story just for the heck of it.

About 12 years ago I took over as city historian for the town I live in.   While chatting with the retiring historian she mentioned she was from Cedar Rapids Iowa.  Being a Collins enthusiast, I told her that I was into ham radio and collected radios made by Collins Radio in Cedar Rapids.   She then proceeded to tell me that her Dad was a commercial photographer for Collins Radio in Cedar Rapids Iowa and he took all the pictures of their equipment, and that she used to babysit for the Art Collins children.  

She told me that when her Dad passed away he had a massive number of boxes in the basement jammed full of Collins radio photos.  Of course I quickly jumped on that comment and asked if the boxes still existed.  Alas no.  Shortly after his passing the house was cleaned out and all the boxes went to the dump, all about 10 years previous.  I was ready to hook up the utility trailer and drive down to Cedar Rapids to pick up the collection had it still existed.  What a coup that would have been!  

I asked about her babysitting duty for Art Collins and it was uneventful..   hi hi  All she said was that she regularly babysat for the family, knew Art Collins personally.  Nothing interesting to share there.  So I know someone who knew Art Collins hi hi… 

One other tidbit is that in my 1920's logbook collection, I have a logbook with a contact with 9CXX (Art Collins) and a contact with 9GFQ (Leo Meyerson).  Now that is way cool!!  

I did interview at Collins Radio in 1978 when I graduated from college.  I interviewed with the Avionics division. They made me a very nice offer to join them but I decided to stay in Milwaukee  and closer to family instead of moving to Cedar Rapids.    After the interview ended I inquired about the Collins radio museum.  He didn't have the time to take me on a tour of the radio collection at the time.  Too bad.  Nice memory.  

That's about as close to Art Collins as I got. 

Just thought I'd share these trivial and boring tidbits. hi hi

73, Scott WA9WFA
32S-3A/75S-3C S-Line, 75A-4, 75A-2

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