{Collins} Directional Coupler ... Eureka

I finally got it working this AM.
This was one of those ..."it worked in the shack last time I used it"...
specials from that auction site.

I had to remove both added Tantalums, one had a hole blown in it.
Sure sign of a major mental hiccup on the part of the seller.

I also had to replace both Diodes and the trim Resistors (used little
Trim-Pots I had). The Reflected side tweaked up nicely, but the
Forward side was still very strange. I deduced it was an RF issue
and sure enough the 500 mmfd Feed-Thru Cap was minus all its
magic smoke.

Fixed that and now it works like it was meant to.

That's one for my side !!

73, Dick, W1KSZ

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