{Collins} 70K-2 PTO

Hi to all. I'm stuck with problems on my 'new' 75S-3. The radio is like new, but had multiple PTO issues. I've had that thing apart so many times, I've lost count.
It's packed up and ready to be sent to a resident 'expert' for a look see.
I have searched the Reflector Archives and have found some excellent info.
Thanks, Jim!!!
One question I can't seem to find an answer to is this:

What is the size of the ceramic (Pyrex, whatever material), single ball bearing used on the rear of the PTO shaft?

I have seen older messages about some folks having a supply of spare (Sapphire ?) bearings. I think (oh no) they might be .062" (1/16").
If I am not mistaken, Collins used a similar bearing at the very rear of the Pre-selector shaft. I lost that one, but it's been replaced with a small ss ball.

Sorry to be so wordy, but it's kinda hard to describe.... ha ha

thank you

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