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You are correct John.

FLEXBAR also has a 4oz bottle "Rocksett" for $15 ... Good stuff.

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> On May 29, 2015, at 5:38 AM, john nelson <solarelectricjohn@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I have 3 sets of 811A from NB but never had an issue like some have. I have
> fixed a few rare tubes in the past that had plate caps that came loose.
> Talking with a friend that was a chemist he said that the silicon based
> adhesive used in old tubes needed to be heated to set the adhesive and in
> cases of some they just were not cured long enough and over decades the
> adhesive just broke down. Now as many of you know when restoring old radio
> equipment sometimes we have to reinvent past engineering and do it our
> self's. Their is a company called Flexbar that makes several products that
> bond glass and metal from -350 to 2200 deg F it is about $30.00 also there
> is a half dozen venders on fleabag that sell similar products. I have never
> had an issue after rebounding old plate caps back on. So let me know if you
> have (NEW) old Centron 811A's that have loose caps and I will give you five
> bucks apiece for them and even pay the shipping.
> John W0XAZ
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