Well folks, "Dallas" is upon us here in a little over 2 weeks, and if you
don't want to miss this, you should act now. We are looking forward to a fun


** Just a reminder that the "Dallas" Ham Com event has been moved to the
Irving Convention Center in Arlington which is on the northwest side of
Dallas in-between Ft. Worth and Dallas, so it way more convenient for our
western DFW Complex members and associates.

It is the weekend of the 12-13 June. We are having our usual dinner and talk
on Friday night so please see the website EVENTS CALENDAR for registration
and details. The dinner is again at the On the Border where we met last
time, so that is still familiar ground.

** Regarding the website.It always pains me when I hear of folks that do not
take advantage of the resources on our website. There are equipment
descriptions and history and technical archives with an ever increasing
number of Collins manuals and catalogs, Service letters and Bulletins and
other Technical Data. That is not to mention the complete archives of the
past Signal Magazines including the actual Collins Radio Signals. Now we
have just added a personal section on Art Collins with a transcript of him

** This week we will be uploading 9 new manuals that have been scanned -
including the compete HF380 Service and Operations Manuals and Brochures
compliments of Paul Katz.  Huge scanning job and many thanks to Paul. There
are also some different rev KWM-2 manuals for those of you looking for a
match to your date of KWM-2/2A and also the TO Manual for the military
KWM-2A/30L-1/30S-1 system as well as some miscellaneous new additions.  Take
a look.

** In the following weeks we will be activating a new feature on the website
named "RX for your Collins" and it features a list of equipment and cross
references from this list to all of the past and current writings on
maintenance and restoration of the models listed.  There are already 56
cross references and it is growing daily, so if you have a maintenance
question that is bugging you on a piece of Collins, look here first.  This
has been a big effort and it will continue to grow.

** We are also working on a complete cross reference and index for all of
the Signal Magazines ever written.  This also is a huge effort and one that
has been in works for over a year.

In short, there is a lot going on, and a lot of new material, on an already
very helpful site - so stay up to date on our activities and use the
resources when you need them.   It's all free for the taking.  Of course
there is a member's only area where you can update your personal data
involved with your membership and a bunch of fun "Tools" for the technically
inclined.  Oh, do not forget the member discounts on clothing and events.

** Additionally, I want to encourage all of you to take a few pictures of
your shack you are so proud of, and send them in with a bio and list of
equipment to Scott Kerr via:   


Just drop him an email with the photos attached and he will do all of the
work. Let's build up that virtual museum so visitors can see all of that
nice Collins in action. Like us on Facebook and watch the museum grow. You
can get more details about the museum and Facebook links by clicking here:
http://www.collinsradio.org/collectionsfb/   or just go to the home page and
click on the appropriate headline in the News Section.

** Bottom-line, use what is there for the taking, but if you are not already
a member of the CCA.  we would love to have your support and then send you a
current copy of the Signal each quarter. We think you will find CCA
membership rewarding and worth your while.



Bill Carns, N7OTQ (Trustee K0CXX)

Past President, Collins Collectors Association

Founding Board, Collins Radio Heritage Group

Editor, Signal Magazine

Wimberley, TX

512 618 2762  (Cell)

512 847 7010  (Home)


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