{Collins} FS: Collins HV Relays


I finally got around to starting my QSK project on my Henry 2KD this past week, and when I looked at my accumulated parts, I noticed that I had 2 Kilovac relays that had Collins part numbers on them! I have no clue as to what piece of Collins equipment they came out of, but if anyone needs them to restore a piece of Collins equipment, or merely wants them, I would rather sell them than use them for my Henry amp.

Nomenclature on the relays is:

        Kilovac P/N H-8/S6
        Collins P/N 410-0287-00

I can get a pair of equivalent used relays for $85 ea from several sources, so If anyone wants them, $170 plus $10 for Priority Mail will get them to your door.



Bill Turini

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