{Collins} FS: Collins Audio Filters


While searching thru my parts boxes I came across three Collins audio filters that may be of use to someone restoring equipment, or to add to a project. They are all in metal cans.

1. Collins P/N 673 0358 00 - Communications Accessories Co P/N 90905 - Low Pass Filter - 0-3000 cps

2. Collins P/N 526-9098-00 - RCA P/NA-8903610-1 - Magnavox P/N 327915-1 - Dual Band Pass Filters; center freq is 200KC for both, one is 1KC wide, other is 3KC wide

3. Collins P/N 673 0359 00 - Communications Accessories P/N 90906 - Dual filter; one low pass 0-3000 cps; other bandpass 3325-3475 cps

If anyone can use them, $30 shipped. And, if you purchase before Sunday midnight, I'll include a FREE fourth "mystery" filter and no extra cost. Frankly, all I want to do is get rid of them. I have no use for them and most of the money will be spend on shipping. These things are like small block of iron.



Bill Turini

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