Re: {Collins} Using Oscilloscopes for Collins Equipment

Not familiar with that scope, but if it is a triggered sweep scope of any
decent quality, the 20 MHz bandwidth is going to do for the IF and VIF
diagnostics and alignment and be decently useful for RF work up of course to
about 15 MHz.

The big question is what kind of probes came with it..  Hopefully there is a
low capacitance probe and hopefully a 1-X associated with it but the 10X is
not really critical.


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Fellas, I need some advice.  I have an Instek GOS-620 (20 MHZ) 
oscilloscope with several probes.   How sufficient will be this 
instrument with its limits be in diagnosing problems, performing alignments
with my S lines, A-4's and 32V's?  In all my 51 years of being a ham I've
never been taught nor versed in how to really use a scope.  Kinda like not
learning how to play the piano when in earlier years wishing I had now.

Also, any suggested basic text/tutorial books on the market that would help
me out?

Many thanks es 73,

Robert Lawson
CCA Member
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