Re: {Collins} Volumax 4000 docs needed


Try this, it's for a 4300 but they're close. The Audimax, Volumax
and Peak Loudness Controller (PLC) were built by CBS Labs in Stamford,

John - W9AAY 

On 2015-05-30 17:56, lawrencebcst--- via Collins wrote:

> Hello to the list,
> I'm hoping a fellow broadcast engineer and/or
am enthusiast can help me out. I'm restoring a CBS Volumax 4000 I picked
up at
> Dayton. I plan to use this ahead of my 32V-2 if I get it running
after a previous owner installed all kinds of mods. Primarily,
> I need
the schematics and the pictorial showing the interconnections between
the cards and front panel controls. I will happily
> pay for a complete
manual if you have one available for sale. Please reply off-list and
thanks in advance!
> Vy 73,
> Rich WB3JLK
> CCA #331 since
> P.S.-It was great to see everyone at Hamvention!
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