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There are also ceramic adapters to "adapt" the HC-6/U to the FT-243 pin size. I probably have a dozen of them and use them all the time. But, as time allows, I am soldering old octal tube pins onto the HC-6/U pins so I can eliminate the adapters. When I have an octal tube go bad, I get out the Dremel tool with a cutoff whell and salvage the pins before I toss the tube.


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If you really want an adapter, they have been made..... I have seen and used what looks like an 'abbreviated FT-243" device where the crystal pins, FT243 size, project from a tan plastic/micalex that looks much like a FT243 crystal package that has been hack sawed off to about 1/4 inch above the pins.

On the side opposite the FT243 pins, you will see the pin sockets suitable for plugging in your HC/9 crystal.

No, I don't have any anymore.... you may find them attached to an HC/9 crystal in bags and boxes of surplus crystals... if so, grab them. Not a homebrew product. Good luck. Probably not much market for them these days.


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Thanks.   That works for me.


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Buck - We always just used pins scavenged from dead octal tubes! You can purchase 0.125" o.d. brass tubing from a hobby/model shop... Hobby Lobby, etc. 73, Garey - K4OAH Rome, GA Drake 2-B, 2-C/2-NT, 4-A, 4-B, C-Line and TR-4/C Service Supplement CDs <> bfetters--- via Collins wrote: > Is there a "sleeve" or larger pin that fits over the S-line (HC6/U) Collins crystal pins that enlarges them to a .125 size that permits usage in other sockets similar to the old FT-243 crystals? If so, does anyone have some for sale? > > > Thanks. > > > Buck > W0LC > > *** You are subscribed to Collins as jaduffield@xxxxxxxxxx. If you wish to unsubscribe, or modify your preferences please visit ***

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