Re: {Collins} Electro-Voice on a 32S-1

In fact, your typical damped wattmeter motivates the op to do exactly the
wrong thing.  Turning up the mic gain does produce more indication because
the flat topping helps push & hold the needle higher on voice peaks.

As noted in the earlier post, ask little of your ALC.

Dennis AE6C

On Mon, Nov 2, 2015 at 9:53 PM, Dale <svetanoff@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Dave,
> A wattmeter is not a very good indicator of rig output when using SSB.
> The movements are highly damped.  yes, if the new mic drives the meter a
> bit more than the previous one, maybe you do have more output.  You may
> also have more distortion and splatter if you are not actually monitoring
> the output waveform.
> This is where too many hams make a big mistake because one of the few
> instruments that can actually give you a real time output indication is an
> oscilloscope or transmitter monitor scope.  You adjust the voice peaks to
> be equal to the constant carrier output on the scope and then leave it
> alone.  The rig's ALC will do the rest, especially if you are also running
> an amplifier such as the 30L1 or 30S-1.  The wattmeter in my 312B-4 tends
> to show anemic output, but my Heath SB-610 monitor scope shows that my
> voice peaks are right where they need to be.
> There was an extensive discussion on this reflector quite recently about
> monitor scopes.  Find the archived messages and see what I mean.  Beware of
> setting the mic gain too high.  Yes, making some QSOs will help, but many
> hams are not well skilled in giving detailed audio reports.
> 73, Dale
> CCA Member
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> >Thanks everyone for your input.  I got it wired and it works fine.  I
> notice
> >the Bird Wattmeter is more active with this microphone than the D 104.
> >Anybody else using a 619 Electro-Voice and noticing extra output from
> their
> >S line rig.  Mine is running the 32S-1 and it seems to be a better driver
> >for this rig than the D 104.  Only some real contacts where I switch
> >microphones will tell for sure.
> >
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> >Dave VE4PN
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