{Collins} Electrovoice on Collins S LIne

I should have mentioned that not only the Bird wattmeter is in the line but
I have the Central Electronics MM-2 scope that I watch the wave form on.
The MM-2 has the 1kc tone to check the waveform with.  The waveform is very
good with the increased output on the Bird.  Once I am satisfied with the
output and try a few contacts where I change microphones for some on air
checks, I will remove the Bird and reconnect the 312-B4 meter.  I think I
kind of like the look of the Electro-Voice with the S line, although when I
had the Gold Dust Twins some years ago I drove it with the D 104 and was
quite happy with it.  With the barefoot S line I think perhaps the Electro
Voice is a better match.


Dave VE4PN

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