{Collins} For Sale: Three 75S-3C receivers

 For Sale:  Three 75S-3C receivers all in CCA Very Good Condition.  All three have additional crystals for 30, 17 and 12M installed.  All have additional 10M crystals as stated in the individual listing. 1.  RE 75S-3C  Serial Number 30764.   Collins SSB filter along with InRad 500 and 300 Hz CW filters.  10M coverage 28.1 - 28.7 MHz in three bands.     Asking $1350.00  PayPal accepted.  
2.  RE 75S-3C  Serial Number patch was removed.  Crystal dates '68.  Serial Number on PTO is 42270.  Collins SSB  and 500 Hz filters and InRad 300 Hz     CW filters installed.  10M coverage also 28.1 - 28.7 MHz in three bands.  Asking $1250.00 PayPal accepted.
3.  WE 75S-3C  Serial Number 11972.  SB-1 was included in original factory production.  SB-2 was done at Cedar Rapids at a later date.  Collins SSB filter      and InRad 500 Hz filters installed.  10M coverage:  28.0 - 28.4 and 28.5 - 28.7 MHz.  Asking $850.00 PayPal accepted.
Photos are available.  All listed prices include insured FedEx shipping in Continental USA.  Manual and power cord also included for each receiver.
All three function very well.  Other than the additional 300 Hz  CW filters on the RE 75S-3C's,  they sound identical.  Non Smoking QTH.
Contact me off list at:  umichigan77@xxxxxxxxx
73,  Peter J Bruno MD  NC8B   CCA  AC06-11870

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