Re: {Collins} need help with kwm-380

HI Fern

I don’t have the service manual (it's quite large) but the CCA website has a pdf and audio tapes for  the Self Study manual which provides a ton of technical info.  

73 Jerry

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A collins KWM-380 followed me home today from an estate sale. Unfortunately, the ac cord was nowhere to be found.
I downloaded the owners manual on line and got the radio powered up.
I’m looking for a six pin connector for the ac input at the rear of the kwm-380.
I do not have a service manual but would like to know where the I F gain control is located as the sensitivity seems to be down some and also the control to set the s meter calibration.
However the transmitter works fb.
I’ll try to get it on the collins net on 14.293 mhz tomorrow but would like to do some tweeking first.
Anybody have a service manual available for this critter?
73 from Fern  VE7GZ
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