Re: {Collins} 516F-2 Bias setting

I run my 516F-2 PS at or above 122 volts all the time with no trouble setting the bias. However in my 32S-3B manual it states that some older 516F-2 PS may not be able to adjust Bias below 50 ma, in that case "replace R-8 with a 3900 ohm, 2 watt resistor, or R-10 with a 6800 ohm 2 watt resistor or both."
Steve w7jsc

From: "Leslie Otto" <w9lsoae@xxxxxxxxx>
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Subject: {Collins} 516F-2 Bias setting

I am trying to set the bias on a KWM-2A, but cannot seem to lower it below
60 ma.  I have Zeroed the meter with the rig off.  Then turned the rig on
waited a few minutes, set Mic Gain to Off, meter to Plate, and Emission to
Lock. The pot is clockwise to the stop and the lowest reading on the meter
I can get is 60 ma.  Suggestions please.  Les  W9LSO
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