Re: {Collins} Collins Mechanical Filters for sale (modification)

I take it you are referring to the plug in filters.
Just for reference, the filters with the threaded posts are not equivalent to the 
smooth posts. The transducer inductor inside is different. I believe they require different
resonating capacitors. E.g. if you put the threaded terminal one in a 51J-4, the insertion loss is much higher than the proper filter. (I have taken them apart)

> Date: Mon, 16 Nov 2015 13:16:24 -0800
> From: mtniebs@xxxxxxxxx
> To: collins@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Subject: {Collins} Collins Mechanical Filters for sale (modification)
> I have two Collins mechanical filters for sale:
> F 500 B 31
> F-500 F 14
> These are 3.1khz and 1.4khz filters of the "loaf of bread" shape. The 1.4
> has threaded posts and the 3.1 has smooth posts. I have never used them and
> don't have an application for them. How about $100 for the pair shipped to
> lower 48 for starters.
> Marc-k7wxk
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