Re: {Collins} Question on 516-F2...why would there be a 200 RX in series with L2

I happened to make the measurement this week while I was doing my annual
equipment rehab on the KWM2-A.  On RX, the voltage was 300V, on TX, 270V.
Spec is 300V@170mA and 285V@210mA. I didn't measure the current.  My supply
was solid stated in the past and came with the 200 ohm resistor installed.
My line voltage is low ~116V.

On Fri, Nov 20, 2015 at 7:51 PM, Colin Lamb <k7fm@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hi Lee:
> I saw a reply that it might be because solid state rectifiers were used.
> However, I am guessing that 150 ma is being drawn which means that 30 volts
> would drop across the resistor.  Even with vacuum tubes, the low voltage
> supply is "hot".  Measure the voltage at the KWM-2 under receive and see
> how the voltage compares to spec.
> Adjust accordingly.
> 73,  Colin  K7FM
> On 11/20/2015 6:23 PM, kc9cdt--- via Collins wrote:
>> Hi everyone....
>> Getting into my spare 516-F2, that I have never used here. Going to
>> replace some CAPS as well as the old broken HV socket with a ceramic one.
>> In the process of replacing the HV tube socket and looking around.....I
>> find a 200 ohm 10 watt RX in series with the LV choke L2. It is between
>> tube V2 pin 2 and the L2 8H choke.
>>   Why would you think someone would put it there??
>> Thanks very much.
>> 73,
>> Lee
>> 260-403-6936 Cell
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