Re: {Collins} Question on 516-F2...why would there be a 200 RX in series with L2

Collins group, (all who responded to my post on the 200 ohm RX)and any others as well.....
OK, I have the 516-F2 back in operation. Replaced the HV tube socket and I discovered the 11 pin connector was cracked so I replaced it too. Put in the .05 1600 VDC cap (was missing) and replaced the old bias caps (other caps look pretty current, but these were old brown paper covered)

Brought it up on a Variac today....
Went fine.
I'm at 120 VAC on the primary.
LV = 385 (whoops)
HV = 930
Bias -64 to -110 or so

(at 100VAC in the LV is 330 and the HV is 785) 330 at 100 Volt in...definitely high
Kind of high....especially the LV.
I think the 200 ohm that was in series was there to lower the LV (should be more like 300VDC)
I think I can live with the 930 on the plates...but that B+ is high.

Oh forgot to say...all stock (tubes ) except bias which is of course SS.

Something is wrong on the LV (B+ side) Would you go with what I have or put that 200 back in series with the choke (like it was)?? or is there a better recommendation??

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It probably at one time had sold state plug in replacement for the 5U4 
and probably the 5R4 which did not require a

On 11/20/15 9:23 PM, kc9cdt--- via Collins wrote:
> Hi everyone....
> Getting into my spare 516-F2, that I have never used here. Going to replace some CAPS as well as the old broken HV socket with a ceramic one.
> In the process of replacing the HV tube socket and looking around.....I find a 200 ohm 10 watt RX in series with the LV choke L2. It is between tube V2 pin 2 and the L2 8H choke.
> Why would you think someone would put it there??
> Thanks very much.
> 73,
> Lee
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