{Collins} HF-80 1KW Tube System for Sale

I have a I KW HF-80 Tube Transmitter System for Sale.  This consists of a Rockwell Collins HF-8020 Tube Amp (4CX1500) with all cards and the TS 8020 controller, a HF-8030 single phase power supply, a HF-8070A Exciter/ Receiver, with all cables and manuals.  These units were released in 1976 and called "HF for the 80's."  It is the auto tuned solid state transmitter that "replaced the S- line." All 3 units are in good used condition  but the 8030 is in NOS. The 8070A was recently tested and is working and the amp has a good tube and worked when tested some years back.

I am asking $5500.00 packed and shipped in the U.S.

Pictures are available. Call me if you are interested.

Jim Stitzinger

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