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Take a look at the Rockwell Collins site under products.  URG-III/RT-2200 is
pretty much the main HF ground system being produced.  There are lots of
projects to enhance or replace it, but I have a feeling the URG-III system
will be around for a while.  

IMHO (about worth the ink that went into this message), the Joint Tactical
Radio System (aka JTRS or illicitly known as jitters) slowed development on
lots of potentially good radios.  Great concept, but some of the "practical"
aspects of mil comm were ignored.  

The URG-II system had real capabilities with regard to front end damage;
one of the translators could stand 1000 volts of RF.  If I live long enough,
I'd like to put together some of the bits I have and make one work.  Anyone
else out there with similar interests?  

Jim w0nkn

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The Coast Guard used the URG-II extensively at their Radio Stations and
Communications Stations and currently use the URG-III/RT-2200's 4 KW. Most
references are to the USAF use but it's more widely used than just the DoD.
I've seen them survive horrendous lightning storms down at Coast Guard
Communications Station Miami/NMA back in 87-91 when I was stationed there...
Those that were mentioned on your link that were found surplus in California
may have come from Coast Guard Communications Station San Francisco/NMC when
they upgraded to the RT-2200/URG-III's. The RT-2200's may be approaching
their end of service life - so what's on the drawing board for the
replacement? What new features/enhancements are on that drawing board?

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> On Nov 26, 2015, at 8:29 PM, James Stitzinger <bflinc@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> If anyone wants to learn more about the HF-80 line, I have the whole 
> catalog on my Website. Lots of great company pictures!!
> Jim
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