Re: {Collins} 70K-2 (and 70K-1) lubrication?

I wish to lubricate a 70K-1 PTO. I found no service information on the 70K-1 but assume it is similar to the 70K-2.

I have read "Some 70-K2 PTO Service Adventures" by Jim Miller. In the article, I found this language:

"Whether you're just going to do a relube, or also do the capacitor replacement, you will first have to remove the PTO from the radio. (Note, this is optional - you can do just the lubrication procedure with the PTO left in the set - editor)".

How? Except for this note from the unknown editor, how is it possible to lubricate the PTO without removal from the radio?

Also, am I correct to assume that the 70K-1 (PTO in KWM-1) is similar to the 70K-2.

I did run into a minor issue searching for lubrication for a PTO as the search engine equates PTO with Power Take Off.

Thanks and 73,  Colin  K7FM

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