Re: {Collins} 70K-2 (and 70K-1) lubrication?

Here is the link:

This is the 28 gram jar that is small enough to have no shipping
restrictions (Lithium base) and is plenty to do many PTOs

Dave WI6R

On Mon, Nov 30, 2015 at 7:50 PM, Dave Bottom <ars.kd6az@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I second Scott's comments.  I believe they meant to say you don't have to
> disassemble the PTO to clean and grease the shaft.
> Likewise if you try to attempt to do this with the dial assembly off (also
> for careful cleaning) and still connected in the chassis, then put a layer
> of blue painter's masking tape on the chassis under the PTO first so the
> chassis doesn't get scratched - but honestly I think it is better to just
> remove the power and signal leads and take the PTO out so you have a clear
> space (and good light) to work and to see what you're doing. My eyes aren't
> what they used to be so I use a lighted desktop Magnifier from Harbor
> Freight.
> I have begun using DeoxIT L260Cp Mechanical & Electrical Grease for PTO
> rebuilds after a tip from Rob Sherwood several years ago when we were
> discussing 75S-3B AGC revisions.  So far it works great on all the PTOs
> I've rebuilt - Collins, Drake and TenTec.
> Rob at Sherwood Engineering generally has it available as do other DexoIT
> resellers.
> 73 Dave WI6R
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> On Mon, Nov 30, 2015 at 6:12 PM, Whitebear1122 <whitebear1122@xxxxxxxxxxx>
> wrote:
>> I have re-lubed several 70K-2 PTO's in the past several years including a
>> KWM-2, 32S-3, and 75S3C.  I recall reading that statement saying that I can
>> re-lube with the VFO in place.  I found that to be impossible.  I did
>> attempt it one time but you still have to mechanically remove it from the
>> dial assembly, and the chassis, just leaving it electrically connected.
>> What a hassle that was and it was an exercise in scratching the the
>> chassis.  I finally ended the pain and suffering by removing the VFO
>> mechanically and electrically and then it was easy to do the re-lube.  My
>> advice to you, remove the VFO completely so you can do a good job.   If I
>> recall, there was only 3 wires to electrically remove so it's very easy to
>> disconnect.  The mechanical disconnect was a bit more challenging to me in
>> general but it was successful each time.
>> One piece of advice:  once you open up the VFO and pull out the shaft, be
>> aware that there is a small plastic or glass ball at the end of the shaft.
>> Make sure you account for it when sliding the shaft out.  Often it sticks
>> to the end of the shaft because the grease is hard.  It's easy to not
>> notice it, and easy for it to fall off into the carpet and never be seen or
>> heard from again.  I did NOT experience this but the first time I re-lubed
>> a VFO I did lose track of the ball for several minutes until I finally
>> found it.
>> Just my personal observation, my last re-lube was on my 75S-3C, and I
>> used Valvoline Syn-power, a synthetic lubricant.  Previously I would use
>> Lubriplate.  Wow the 75S-3C vfo is so smooth with that synthetic
>> lubricant.  One other thing to watch out for is when you're reassembling
>> the VFO and tightening that collet on the shaft.  Don't jam it down tight
>> and the tighten the collet set screw otherwise the tuning will be tight.
>> You can smooth out the tuning by taking some of the pressure off of that
>> collet and the pieces it compresses.  Between that and the synthetic lube,
>> the 75S-3C tuning is the smoothest I've created.  I just need a weighted
>> knob now and it might be nirvana :)
>> 73, Scott WA9WFA
>> On Nov 30, 2015, at 6:38 PM, Colin Lamb <k7fm@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> > I wish to lubricate a 70K-1 PTO.  I found no service information on the
>> 70K-1 but assume it is similar to the 70K-2.
>> >
>> > I have read "Some 70-K2 PTO Service Adventures" by Jim Miller.  In the
>> article, I found this language:
>> >
>> > "Whether you're just going to do a relube, or also do the capacitor
>> replacement, you will first have to remove the PTO from the radio. (Note,
>> this is optional - you can do just the lubrication procedure with the PTO
>> left in the set - editor)".
>> >
>> > How?  Except for this note from the unknown editor, how is it possible
>> to lubricate the PTO without removal from the radio?
>> >
>> > Also, am I correct to assume that the 70K-1 (PTO in KWM-1) is similar
>> to the 70K-2.
>> >
>> > I did run into a minor issue searching for lubrication for a PTO as the
>> search engine equates PTO with Power Take Off.
>> >
>> > Thanks and 73,  Colin  K7FM
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