Re: {Collins} 32S-1 VS 32S-3 Please comparison

Both work very well on SSB.  However, the 32S-3 is somewhat better for a number of reasons and, if the 32S-1 is of the earlier versions, that used 2-diodes in the balanced modulator instead of 4-diodes, then the 32S-3 is considerably better.

If there is ever any chance of working CW, then the 32S-3 is the obvious choice.  The 32S-1, because of the side-tone CW generation, should NEVER be used for CW if, for no other reason, that it puts out multiple signals.  Also, there are features that make the 32S-3 more desirable for SSB.

I do have both a 32S-1 and 32S-3.  The 32S-1 is paired with a 75S-1 and the 32S-3 is paired with a 75S-3A.  For a receiver, the 75S-3- series is CONSIDERABLY better than the 75S-1 / 75S-2.

 Glen, K9STH 

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Hello everyone on this beautiful Sunday,

OK I have 2 very nice good working good looking TX's.
A 32S-1 and a 32S-3.

I plan on only using them for SSB. I plan on doing TXCV with a 75S-1 or 75S-3.

Any comments on wheather one is any better than the other??

I will be offering the group which ever one I don't keep.


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