{Collins} 75S-3B

Hi Guys,
I recently purchased another -3B receiver. Not working..S/N16xxx
On investigation it turned out that all the wires going to S5 the On/Off
etc switch were disconnected.
This set differs from any of my other S Line receivers in that S5 is a two
wafer ceramic switch.
Front wafer appers to be for switching the AC mains. and the rear wafer is
used for the Opr and Calibrato positions.
This differs from my other receivers in that they only have one paxolin
wafer to do all three functions.
My query is  , Standard Collins switch or ?? the switch protrudes over the
crystal deck and it would net be possible to change some it is was
Receiver is up and running now but the HT appears very raspy, Have to get
inside, sounds like half wave unsmoothed.
Any info on this set would be appreciated. Receiver is in spotless
Many thanks

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