{Collins} F.S. Estate of Sandy KW6KW ...addendum

Greetings All:

It has been brought to my attention that items #7 and #9 do not have price tags.
My apologies.

7) 32S-3 Tx. RE. Narrow Eyebrow. S/N 30601. MCN 3601. CCA Excellent. Price: $500 shipped

9) 75S-1 Rx. Winged. Narrow. S/N 2039. CCA Excellent. Price: $500 shipped

Note Please:
Items #1, #3, #4, #11 and #12 currently are spoken for.

Many Thanks to All.
Bob KX6K

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Subject: 	{Collins} F.S. Estate of Sandy KW6KW ...sadly now SK
Date: 	Fri, 21 Oct 2016 17:33:03 -0800
From: 	Bob <kx6k@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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Greetings All:

    Without doubt, most of you came to know Sandy well over the years,
and appreciated his
service to the CCA.  Many Thanks to the many who express this
appreciation at his passing last summer.
For many of us, we continue to be saddened by his passing.
    Sandy had a fine collection of Collins gear. Only nigh Mint
condition would do.
    In the listings below, each of the item will have the CCA condition
listed, with explanation, as well as pricing.
    If interested, please contact me OFF-Line: Bob (KX6K at
comcast.net) for transaction details.
    All proceeds will be paid directly to Donna, his widow.  She will
also ship from their QTH. ALL pricing includes
S&H (approx $100). Prices reflect selling prices as per the Reflector
Archives over the past year.
    Packaging will be done by a UPS outlet (in Placerville CA) which is
also responsible for insurance. IF there are any
    shipping damages, they are to be taken up with the UPS outlet. (not
his widow).
    W1QG and I have documented several of his many items, Pix are
available upon request for the 17 Collins items
listed below. NONE of them come with cables or manuals.  If interested,
Please request by item number&  S/N.
Having had the opportunity and pleasure of working on many rigs over the
decades for the CCA community,
ie: Having seen a gamut of all....
    The Following qualify as the BEST of the BEST:
    Due to failing health, Sandy did not use them for several years.
Each unit had been superbly well stored.

1) 75S-3C Rx. RE. WE (wide eyebrow).  S/N 13593.  CCA Excellent +.
    Comes with 2 filters. No power cord, and no original box.  Price: $1700

2) 75S-3C Rx. RE. WE. no S/N sticker or stamp. MCN: #1290. CCA Excellent +.
Comes with 2 filters. No power cord, and no original box.  Price: $1700

3) DL-1 dummy load. RE. S/N 3040D. CCA Excellent +.  Price: $275

4) 312B-4 RE. S/N 63325. MCN 3745.  Price: $360

5) 32S-3 Tx. RE. Narrow Eyebrow. S/N 102487.  Cosmetically Excellent+,
but the Fiducial doesn't work. A mechanical issue.
    Therefore it must be CCA Good Condition.
    In addition: BNC connectors have been installed on the ANT and Rcv
ANT ports.  Due to this the price is reduced
    by a couple of hundred dollars.  Price: $1275.

6) 32S-3 Tx. RE. Narrow Eyebrow. S/N 30136. Cosmetically Excellent.
Cosmetically Excellent+, but it missing all tubes except the finals,
therefore CCA Good Condition.  Price: $1175

7) 32S-3 Tx. RE. Narrow Eyebrow. S/N 30601. MCN 3601. CCA Excellent.

8) 32S-1 Tx. Winged. Narrow. S/N 2953. CCA VERY Good to Excellent.
Price: $575
(A few small paint chips at the front of the tip lid)

9) 75S-1 Rx. Winged. Narrow. S/N 2039. CCA Excellet

10) OOOPpss ...not Collins: Like New Nye Antenna Tuner #MB-V-A with
manual. It would be a CCA Excellent+. Price $360
    Note: It had come back from Nye for repairs and never used since.

11) Collins MS-101. RE. Built by Jay Miller. CCA Excellent+.  Price $575
    (This is the Heath SB-610 monitor S/N 145-143201 finished by Jay).
A Very Rare item...Sandy got the second or third one built by Jay.

12) 516F-2 RE. S/N 70437. MCN 5437.  CCA Excellent+.  Price: $550 (Shipped)

13) 516F-2 RE. S/N 58601.  CCA Excellent+.  Price: $550 (Shipped)

14) 516F-2 RE. S/N 61807.  CCA Excellent+.  Price: $550 (Shipped)

ALL of the above items Sandy (and so do I) considered as Collector Quality.
The Following is not:

16) 516F-2 S/N 1432. No Case or Tubes. Corrosion.
    Perhaps CCA Somewhere between Bad and Poor Condition. Price $200

In a not too distant trip to Placerville, we hope to have more to list.

Thank You All for your consideration.

Best 73's
Bob KX6K

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