Re: {Collins} KWM-2 owners in Phoenix

All antenna switching for KWM-2 and 30-L1 are onboard....hook it up as it says in the 30-L1 book.
Have these radios been on recently??

Lee Simmonds
Summit DCS 
260-403-6936 Cell

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I am looking for one or more owners users of KWM-2's in the  Phoenix area,
I have recently acquired, the radio,  a 30L-1, and  station controller. I 
have some questions about it before I fire it up  .
Does the  radio have a built in keying unit  (dow  key relay etc?)  I know 
there is one in the station controller, but, how  about the radio itself?  I 
was surprised to see the relay in the  controller, Im a bit confused. 
I'd  like some help before I fire this thing  up.
Bob in Phoenix
623-377-5830  phone or text
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