Re: {Collins} another KWM2 question

Hi Bob.  Well, I do not blame you for shutting it off right away.  But - you
maybe reacted too soon. 
First, check the fuse in the 516F-2 and make sure it is 5 amp fuse or maybe
4 amp.  This is always a great idea because people do really strange things
with fuses - and it is NOT good.
Second, set the rig up - mic unplugged and in LSB or USB and carrier/mic
control full CCW, meter in plate (this will really be looking at the S-Meter
circuit in Receive).
Plug the rig into a power strip having a power switch on it, turn the power
strip off and plug in the power strip.  With the power switch off on the
power strip, turn on the KWM-2 (I will explain all this) and then - after
reading the rest of this - turn on the power strip which will apply power to
the 516F-2/KWM-2.
It is very normal on an M-2 for a couple of things to happen. The T/R relay
may key, which you will hear and also the S-Meter/Plate meter will probably
go all the way to the right and stay there for a moment. Within a couple of
seconds - or less - it should come back rather lazy like to read the S-Meter
and the T/R relay will have clicked back out.
You may have reacted so fast that it did not get a chance to warm up and act

The power strip deal is because there was a slight design boo boo on the
S-Line.  They used a 3 amp max rated switch on a circuit that pulls peak up
to over 4 amps.  They are failing and they are not replaceable  - so best to
leave it on and not use it.  Use a power strip to turn it on and off - most
folks do - or they should.

OK, do all that and let me know what happens. And, if you have not read the
manual cover to cover, do that.  :-)

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I fired up the  new to me KWM2 , with  switch on  LSB, mic gain  zero, 
everything at zero,   turned it to "on",,,  and in a couple seconds, the
went full scale to right, Didn't matter if I  tried to read plate or grid,
meter pinned to right, full scale, I shut it off  right away. Mic not
plugged in.
 Doesn't seem right,  so I shut it off right away. 
Any opinions why the meter  went far to the right, full  scale?  I thought
when I put it on plate, it would read a small amt of  plate current, but it
went full scale.
This was in LSB position or USB, NOT in TUNE or LOCK. 
 This doesn't seem right. Any ideas? 
Bob wa7dxz
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