{Collins} re KWM2 Meter on warm up.

A couple of things the book doesn't tell you... it takes a bit  of warm up 
before the meter drops from far right to its proper position on the  left.  
When I saw it pegged to the right, I panicked. Meters pegged to  the right 
are almost never a good thing. It stayed there for a long time. 
And yes, I had the RF gain turned full CCW. Turning it the  other way,  the 
CORRECT way, full clock wise,  the meter dropped to  where it should be. 
And yes, I did read the manual, somehow I missed that.  That one IMPORTANT 
thing hi. Says right there, turn  the RF gain full  clockwise. Missed that. 
OK, I'm making progress. Being an old radio, I'm going SLOWLY  one step at 
a time. It may seem like it, from this problem, but, I'm no stranger  to old 
radios, shack is full of them.
Yes, I've made several "stupid" errors,  and not  really knowing the 
mechanics of how the radio worked, I'm taking it slowly  one step at a time. 
But you have to admit, I was right, seeing the meter  pegged to the right, 
was not a good sign. I just didn't wait long enough for it  to warm up and 
drop back to the left. 
Thanks to Walt, he helped me solve the problem. The first of  many I am 
sure I will have. Baby steps. 
And thanks to the group ,  now, and in  advance,  for your help and 
I'm sure some of you are saying to yourselves, regarding my  questions... 
"are you kidding me?" but, the radio is new to me.  My Elmer  had one, but 
that was 50 years ago. I was really looking for a 32S-3 and 75S-3,  but this 
fell into my lap. 
Again, thanks for your patience. 
Bob wa7dxz
Sun City--- ahhh, there's the problem, I live in Sun City  ,  hi hi

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