Re: {Collins} Collins 516F2 power supply

W0IY's conversion kit works very well. $85 or do for the complete kit with all components and PCB.


On Tue, Sep 6, 2016 at 8:19 PM -0700, "Joe W2KJ" <w2kj@xxxxxxxxxxxxx<mailto:w2kj@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>> wrote:

Howdy Gang:

Been reading recently about solid-stating the 516F2 power supply including replacing the selenium rectifier in the bias circuit a diode.

Assume that some electrolytics should also be replaced given the age of the unit.

Seems like a good thing to do...I did the power supply rebuild on my Drake AC4 supply and all is fine.

Opinions/suggestions are most welcomed to this Collins newbie.

many thanks for any info.

                        73, Joe W2KJ
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