{Collins} 516F2 power supply - CL-40 Inrush current limiter

Here you go:

CL-40 Inrush current limiter $1.36ea

73 Bill N4LG

At 12:16 PM 9/8/2016, you wrote:
Neither Mouser nor DigiKey recognize the CL-40 Part Number ??

Got a link to it ?

Tnx, Dick, W1KSZ

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I forgot to mention:

I added a Keystone CL-40 (5-ohm, 6A) inrush current limiter to the primary of the power transformer in each 516F-2 power supply. The purpose is to reduce the shock and stress on the tubes when the KWM-2A or 32S-3 comes up from a cold start. The CL-40 also reduces the inrush current as the HV/LV
capacitors charge up to full voltage.

The CL-40 part is available from Mouser and others for around $2.
It should be added to any 516F-2 regardless of whether it uses tube
rectifiers or diodes, to extend the life of the tubes in the transceiver or

73 Bill N4LG

At 07:54 AM 9/8/2016, Bill Cotter wrote:
>I have installed and used two of the W0IY conversion kits in my
>516F-2 power supplies for the KWM-2A and 32S-3. The design by the
>former Collins engineers is well thought out, and the quality is
>nothing short of what Collins would have expected. The kits also
>address the downside issues of solid-stating a 516F-2 that have been
>presented by this group.
>Both of my conversions are setup to use the rectifier filament windings
>as "bucking" in the transformer primary, and the HV/LV/filament
>voltages are right on specification with the AC line voltage at 115VAC.
>The best part is the power supplies runs absolutely cold.
>73 Bill N4LG
>http://www.ebay.com/itm/Collins-516F-2-Update-Complete-Kit-w-rela y-caps >-diodes-pcb-line-cord-/112124746567?hash=item1a1b27db47:g:0s4AAOS w3KFWh
>At 11:21 PM 9/6/2016, Warren Dean wrote:
>>W0IY's conversion kit works very well. $85 or do for the complete kit
>>with all components and PCB.
>>On Tue, Sep 6, 2016 at 8:19 PM -0700, "Joe W2KJ"
>><w2kj@xxxxxxxxxxxxx<mailto:w2kj@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>> wrote:
>>Howdy Gang:
>>Been reading recently about solid-stating the 516F2 power supply
>>including replacing the selenium rectifier in the bias circuit a diode.
>>Assume that some electrolytics should also be replaced given the age
>>of the unit.
>>Seems like a good thing to do...I did the power supply rebuild on my
>>Drake AC4 supply and all is fine.
>>Opinions/suggestions are most welcomed to this Collins newbie.
>>many thanks for any info.
>>                         73, Joe W2KJ
>>                         75S3B/32S3/516F2

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