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The W0IY kit gives you the option to leave the tubes in play if you desire. Best of both worlds.


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Indeed Scott....I like the board for sure.

However....with the ever increasing difficulty of sourcing tubes I am not
going to SS any of my 516F-2's
If they arc or do anything they should not do...I will fix the supply and
keep on using the tubes.
The main reason other than the rig switch consideration is due to cathode
This is caused by applying plate voltage before the filaments come up to
This cathode stripping concern is directed towards the tubes in the
rig....not in the 516F-2 rectifier tubes.
This is controversial to be sure but I don't need any more problems than
what I have already.

What could be done though is to.....
Use the W0IY board but leave the 5vac rectifier transformer winding intact
along with still using the tubes and use the rest of the board as is.
I may try this in the future.


David Harmon
Sperry, OK

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The w0iy kit is very well engineered and works well. If you want to solid
state it is a great way to go.

Scott Kerr - KE1RR
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