Re: {Collins} Collins 30L-1 Connection to Yaesu FT-990

Buy an Amp Keyer. It optically isolates the exciter from the high voltage in the 30L-1. It is made by The Heathkit Shop. Not too pricey but it works great. It also has a standby feature for amps without standby.

73 de NI5L

On Fri, Sep 9, 2016 at 3:18 PM -0700, "RANDY CORDER" <ke4yub@xxxxxx<mailto:ke4yub@xxxxxx>> wrote:

I recently purchased a Collins 30L-1 Linear amplifier and would like to connect it to my FT-990 transciever. I would appreciate any specifics on how to do this correctly before pressing the Collins on switch.

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