Re: {Collins} Power cable

Thanks for the replies. Will be checking into the connector and wire me up a cable.


On Sun, Sep 11, 2016 at 10:56 AM -0400, "Phil" <pmills7@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

That is Frank Krize, K5SVC.  He's a good one
to go to for your tube needs also.  According
to, his e-mail is k5svc@xxxxxxxxxxx
if you want to deal direct and cut into the
auction site's profits.  He does make some of
the hamfests across the south so you may get
to meet him if you are in those areas.

73, Phil   W5BVB

On 9/11/2016 9:16 AM, David Schulman wrote:
> Jeff,
> If the 75-S3B power cord is the same as the 75S-3 power cord (I'm sure
> others can verify if it is), I purchased mine from this guy on eBay,
> excellent quality, and good price:
> hash=item5d2f578508:m:mmZbrAccb5e9h-oVkCE3swQ
> 73, David, WD0ERU
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> Evening all
> I just seized the opportunity to purchase my elmer's station.  Collins
> 75S-3B, 32S-3, 516F power sell as his Drake TR-4CW,
> speaker/power supply, and external VFO.  A deal I couldn't resist.  I'm
> pretty stoked about the S3B as I hear they are maybe more collectible than
> other variants?  Other than a quick shot of compressed air, the radios
> should be ready to go.  Will still power up slowly on a variac as it's been
> 6-10 years since they've been on.  The one thing I'm missing, though is a
> power cord for the S3B.  Anyone have a spare they'd like to sell, or a link
> to some for sale.  I did a quick ebay search and found the Amphenol
> connector but no assembled cord.  I'm definitely capable of building one,
> but if there's one available for cheap it's probably not worth my time and
> effort.  Been also researching the recent threads on the power supply mods
> with solid state components.  Very timely.  Thanks.
> Jeff
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