{Collins} 30S-1 Drive and Output

I have a 30S-1 Amp that was built in the late 50s early 60s, manual dated 59. I put a new 4CX1000A tube into it, changed the electrolytic caps in the bias section and went to fire it up with a KWM-2A. First, I tired to set the idle plate current at .2A with no drive using the bias control. With the bias control maxed out the best I could get was 0.18A on the plate current. Won't go any higher. Next I put 65 watts into the Amp and could get only 450-475 out in the SSB position. The plate current was reading 0.3A-0.35 and then the Amp cuts out. Seems I can drive it more but the output remains fixed at 450-475 Watts in to a 50 ohm load thru a bird. No matter what I do the outcome is the same. I can not see anything wrong. Any help is welcome.

                                                                                                                                              Thanks Wayne/WC1C

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