{Collins} fs Gold Dust Twins

Good afternoon to the group,
I have a very nice KWS-1,75A-4,270 Speaker, with all of the cables, hoses  
and manuals.  Due to poor health I am not going to be able to get them  
going and on the air.  I hooked up the receiver and it works fine. The 6kc  
filter is a Collins filter but not the original one  The KWS-1 is wired for  
220V which I do not have access to.  Both units have the 4:1 tuning knobs.  
Both units are in very good to excellent condition.  The exciter has some  
paint scraped off on the top left edge and the bottom right edge. The KWS-1  
manual is rather tattered and in pieces. The 75A-4 manual is very good.   The 
serial number for the receiver is 3332 and the transmitter is 1000.
I want $3900 for everything to be picked up at my house in Eureka Springs,  
73//Ron, KB0WAR

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